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Cafe Imports at SCAA - What do we have up our Sleeves?
The Specialty Coffee Association of America's big event is upon us once again. This year the show is being held in Seattle April 25th-27th Most of the Café Imports crew... [More]
Colonna and Smalls SWEEPS United Kingdom Barista Championship & Brewers Cup with Elkin Guzman's Colombia Lot !
We are so proud to announce that Sebastian Stephenson of Colonna and Smalls has won the UK Brewers cup and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood wins Barista Championship using a microlot sourced... [More]
The Best of Mexico 2014
We recently held our first ever Mexican cupping competition in the dusty little coffee town of Jaltenango, that sits in a valley of the Sierra Madre mountain range in... [More]